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The Inner Wheel Club of Wolverton
Inner Wheel was founded in Manchester in 1923 by a group of ladies who decided they would like to help their Rotarian husbands. Inner Wheel is an all female organisation. The full list of those eligible for membership is shown below. There are 29 Inner Wheel Districts in Great Britain and Ireland and these correspond to the Districts of Rotary Inernational G B & I For more information about Inner Wheel nationally and Internationally, see the website at http://www.innerwheel.co.uk Inner Wheel District 26 Wolverton Club is part of the Inner Wheel District covering the Counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire, immediately to the North and West of London. There is a District 26 page on the National Inner Wheel web site linked above. In addition there is also a web site for District 26 linked here
The various categories of membership, which show our links with Rotary, are as follows: The rules relating to membership last changed in 2012 following the Inner Wheel International Convention in Turkey. Membership may be taken up by the following, provided that they are over 18 years old 1/ Women related to Rotarians / former Rotarians 2/ Women related to Inner Wheel members / former Inner Wheel members 3/ Women who have been invited to join - provided a majority of the Club members agree If you wish to know more about Inner Wheel in the North Buckinghamshire area You are welcome to contact Past President of the Wolverton Club, Audrey Weatherill, who will put you in touch with people in your locality. Audrey can be found through the following EMail address which is written here in a way to confuse spam generators, and needs transcribing into a language your EMail browser can read amw(at)onemilfoil(dot)com